The Original Campervan Tent #1 for Camping fun in the Sun!

A unique and quirky alternative to your average tent – Campervan Tent offers much more than your standard tent experience. Take a look at our iconic full-size replica of the 1965 VW campervan. It offers all the functionality of a tent with additional features and space for up to four adults! A fantastic tent alternative to the real deal.

Make Some Memories With Campervan Adventures

Choose your campervan tent from our range and then you’re ready to go. It doesn’t matter what type of traveller you are you can guarantee comfort and enjoyment with your quirky alternative tent. Pack it up when you go for a road trip across Europe or rock up at Glastonbury and pitch up your campervan. You can be sure you’ll get the crowds talking! Go back in time to the hippie-fabulous summer of love with your campervan tent and chill.